Our Story
Paul with an Indian Police Officer at the National Police Academy in Hyderbad, in May 2012.
Throughout the last 25 years I have been fascinated by the ways in which the culture and past history of different countries have shaped their overall approach to policing methods and style. This interest dates back to my time as a Master’s Degree student at Michigan State University USA in 1986/87, when I had my first direct exposure to police professionals and criminal justice students from a wide range of countries and traditions. 

In consequence, one of my long term plans was always to move into the world of international policing development. Rose was very supportive of this aim and we were both keen to settle upon a business model that would be ethically based, unique in concept and very different from the usual “off the shelf” management consultancies.

Policing First was established in the summer of 2011 and in the context of our mission our business name has a dual meaning. Viewed in one way, it represents our belief that the first and most fundamental building block of any safe, stable and tolerant society is a policing and justice system that provides security for its citizens and operates in a fair, transparent and accountable manner. Viewed in another way, whilst our primary focus is upon policing development, our unique business model generates funds that support a range of community-based projects and charities and thereby bring secondary benefits to the countries in which we are engaged. 

Shortly after the company was launched we realised that our original vision, which focused exclusively upon international policing development, was too restrictive.  Given the rapidly changing policing landscape in the UK at present, our initial decision to exclude the domestic policing market from our future plans was unnecessary and represented a wasted opportunity.  It also effectively precluded us from providing much needed support to charities and community projects closer to home.

As a result, we now aim to identify suitable opportunities to contribute towards policing development in the UK, whilst retaining an international portfolio as a core part of our business.